Gift to Seniors

Gift Health Journals to Less Fortunate Seniors

We are raising money to help gift Health Journals to less fortunate seniors in Canada. Each journal costs $54.99, and we would like to seek your support to get as many journals in the hands of our Canadian seniors in long-term care homes, nursing homes, or seniors living at home needing care.

We know that these journals will have a positive impact on our seniors in their home, in home-care or in long-term care homes. We also know that these journals will help any individual stay organized and on top of their health with detailed health tracking charts, medication lists, diet plans, doctors' notes, etc. We hope to make a small difference in senior care in Canada. Your gift will help tremendously in our goal to give better care to our seniors.

Visit our Go Fund Me Page to support.  


If you're someone, or an organization with the same mission to help our vulnerable community, we would love to hear from you! We are looking to partner with various organizations across Canada to help bring better senior care to our community. Email us at to discuss a potential partnership.